New Hampshire

Rochester Veterans Council

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Veterans Lunch 3rd Tuesday of each month (except summer months):
Dinner w/ Riverside Rest Home Veterans and local homes:
Rochester Manor, Colonial Home, Lincoln Terrace Home, Studley
 Home and Strafford County Homemakers.
 Rochester American Legion, 94 Eastern Ave., Rochester, NH  (sponsored by Rochester American Legion and Bernier Ins. and catering by Rochester American Legion)
    11:30 am
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1st Monday each month
Visit to Colonial Home Veterans
10:00 am 
1st Wednesday each month
Visit to Rochester Manor Veterans
 10:00 am
1st Friday each month
 Visit to Lincoln Terrace Home Veterans
  10:00 am
 2nd Wednesday each month
                            Visit to Studley Home Veterans
             10:00 am
2nd Friday each month
 Visit to Riverside Rest Home Veterans
  10:00 am
4th Thursday each month
Visit to Strafford County Homemakers Veterans 
 10:00 am


Breakfast at the Brickstone Restaurant
Main Street, Gonic
8:00 am

Anyone who wears a "red shirt" gets a 10% discount!

****We now have new red shirts available for sale for red shirt Friday's.